Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 11 (October 2023)

October 27, 2023 Dave Columbo Jenkins
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 11 (October 2023)
Show Notes

Cwm Dancing: uncompromised underground dispatches from the Land Of Song™

Join NoDave Columbo Jenkins for another two hours of Welsh sonics. From hip-hop to house, dub to drum & bass and many experimental forms and flavours in between, once again we’re taken on a unique Celtic trip. 

This month Dave chats to Unity and Zee Rock as they guide us around their Witching Tree EP ahead of its Halloween release, the Kaptin is back with another slice of supreme Welsh rap jams and Rob Why is on a humungous guestmix ahead of Cwm Dancing’s first club collaboration on October 28 at Back To Bassix, Haverfordwest. 

PLUS a world exclusive from DJ Jaffa and Hugo Monster that has yet to be played anywhere else! 

All this and plenty more. We guarantee you’ve never had a musical experience like this before!     

The NRG - Doctor Sunshine (Jean Jacques Smoothie Remix) (Surface Reality)

Dub War - Silencer (Boilerhouse Boys remix) (Bandcamp)

Pen Dub - Sospan Fach (Ritual Collective)

M Yesekaon - Kabaddi (Made In The Rain Records) 

Don Leisure & Amanda Whiting - Beyond The Midnight Sun (First Word)

Hugo Monster - In Me (Produced by DJ Jaffa) (Dub) 

Uber Magnetic - Punks (Plauge) 

K Saulz & Diffhop - Nightmare On Self Street (Bandcamp)

Hap A Damwain - Garej Gari (Bandcamp)

//Kaptin’s catch 

Ren - Wicked Ways (Bandcamp)

Mudmowth - Peace Signs & Pizza (Bandcamp)

Sage Toddz - Casting Dice (Humble Victories)

//Unity & Zee Rock interview

Unity & Zee Rock Feat Luce Kanon - Habitually (Bandcamp)

Unity & Zee Rock Feat DJ Jaffa, Farai & Hush (Bandcamp)

Unity & Zee Rock Feat A Gent Orange (Bandcamp)

Luce Kanon - Tipsy Orchestra (Produced by Styles Brillo) (Soundcloud) 

Unity & Zee Rock - All The Feaky People (Bandcamp) 

///NoDave in the mix 

Eric OS - Connexion (Haws) 

Paul Lyons Feat Lenski - Shake It Loose (Soul Good)

Sempa - Down (Beastwang)

The Running Man - Wavey (Dub) 

Bristow - Cue Burn (MiNKY Records) 

Douvell19 - Green Light (Bandcamp)

DJ Guy - In The Music (Bandcamp)

Dom & Lloyd Feat Mali Haf - Dacw Nghariad (Martyn Kinnear Remix) (Dub)

//Rob Why in the mix!