Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 10 (September 2023)

September 29, 2023 Dave Columbo Jenkins
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 10 (September 2023)
Show Notes

Screeeeeccching into September at the very last minute, Cwm Dancing’s belated 10th episode continues explore the Land Of Song’s most ravey terrains.

From hip-hop to house via a fat stack of drum & bass, this month Dave Columbo Jenkins checks in with the Pembrokeshire crew Back To Bassix, gets a rude awakening from Stereoripe on the guestmix and checks in with the Kaptin for some prime time Welsh MC chat. 

Two hours of exceptional, beguiling and forward-thinking musical fusion through the lens of a terminally fizzy Welshman. You will not find a musical experience like this anywhere else!

Phase4our - Anuniongyrchol (Machine Records)
Gallops - Hemlock Chaser (Bandcamp)
Pun Ra - Ghost In The Shell (Mean Business Records) 
Minas - Flutters (Bandcamp) 
Magugu & Le Motel - Let Me Down (Maloca Records) 
Marc Heatley - Most Probs (Alternative Facts)
Kelly Lee Owens - The First Song (Smalltown Supersound)

//Kaptin’s Catch//
Skamma & Comma Dee - All Stars Mic (DnB Allstars) 
T-Rev - Pretty Shitty City (T.Rev)
Vibe Chemistry & Local - Loca (DnB Allstars)

Secret Soul Society - Tattoo you (Hell Yeah Recordings) 
Wild Women & The Savages - Homebird Hobo (Longchamps Remix) (Bandcamp) 
Lemfreck Feat MacOsare - Red Hot (Noctown) 
Juice Menace - 100 Degrees (Bandcamp) 
Heavy Cream - Get Your Freak On (Midi Cartel)
Mr Phormula & Martyn Kinnear - Lawr Fel Hyn (Bandcamp) 
Skindred - L.O.V.E (Earache) 
Rafiki Dubs - Stepper Style (Ritual Collective) 
Jayahadadream - Top One (DJ Jaffa remix) (Bandcamp)
 DJ Guy - There Is Beauty (Bandcamp) 

//Back To Bassix Interview

Dysfunction - The Rain (No Reality)
Quartz - Deity Spear (R&S Records)
TRC2 - Extrapolation (Dub)
Arkala Dre - Truth (Audio Addict)
Feonix - Negativ (Bandcamp)

//Stereoripe Guestmix 

Stereoripe - Rock Out 
Lady Ann - Freeze (Tim Reaper Remix)
Stereoripe - Drum & Bass (I can't play that) 
Dub Liner Ft General T.K - The Kill 
Stereoripe - Cold Shower  
Stereoripe - All Good 
Fixate - No Good 
Samurai Breaks - Pump Up The Volume  
Stereoripe - You Give Up 
Stereoripe - Weight Here