Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 9 (August 2023)

August 19, 2023 Dave Columbo Jenkins
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 9 (August 2023)
Show Notes

A brand new dispatch from the Land Of Song

Cwm Dancing returns to your speakers with a special late summer vibe-out. A moment to unwind from the intensity of the season, host and curator Dave Columbo Jenkins digs deep for the best musical escapism coming out of Welsh artists and Welsh labels  right now.

This month's episode features two super deep interviews. First up is Huw Marc Bennett who talks in depth about his influences, the importance of culture, the complexities of the Welsh identity and his beautiful new album Days Like Now.

Secondly we have the Running Man who guides us through the inspiring Beat Science event concept along with a sublime mix of incredible unsigned Welsh talent. And if that's not quite enough, Kaptin is back with his own hot picks, all influenced by his recent trip to NYC where he was present at the 50th anniversary of hip-hop this month. 

As always, it's a full-spectrum celebration of all Welsh electronic and beat-based music. There is so much wonderful music being made and released in this country!!

Are you based in Wales and making music? Then hit us up and get involved!


Shamoniks - Iaith y Nefoedd Ft Mr Phormula (Udishido Records)
Don Piper - Engine (Soundcloud) 
Daniel Suge - For The Time Being (Bandcamp) 

//Kaptin’s catch///
4Dee - Ego (Callie Ban Remix) (Veteran Records) 
Mic Nickels & Method Man - El Matador (feat. DJ Keef WOOkie) (Bizzythowed Remix) (Illsboro)
Mudmouth - Digging For Dreams (Feat DJ Jaffa) (Bandcamp)

Brynach - Fireflies (Bandcamp)
Rob Britton - Friday I’m In Love (GodisintheTVzine)
Nonrev - Drowned In Dust (EternalSoul)

//Huw Marc Bennett Interview 
Huw Marc Bennett - Golau Hardd (Albert’s Favourites)
Huw Marc Bennett - Tresilian Bay (Albert’s Favourites)
Huw Marc Bennett - Red Valley (Albert’s Favourites)
Huw Marc Bennett - Y Gwydd (Albert’s Favourites)
Huw Marc Bennett - Iolo (Albert’s Favourites) 

The Secret Soul Society - Vans The Man (Hell Yeah Recordings)
Admo - Club Cabane (Haws)
Tribal Dubs - Yeah Man (Skull Attack Records)
Stereoripe - Weight Here (Unreleased)

//Running Man Interview and Beat Science mix
Kufz - Jesus On My Side
The Running Man - Mental Vacation
FKA.SAKA - I Think You're Really Cool
Harry Griffiths - Confluence
J-Lower - Ruin
Marc Heatley - Most Probs
Chris Evry - I Came To Sin
Jean Jacques Smoothie - Over The Edge
Konessi - The Fool feat. Loose