Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 8 LIVE from Love Trails (July 2023)

July 19, 2023 Dave Columbo Jenkins Season 1 Episode 8
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 8 LIVE from Love Trails (July 2023)
Show Notes

Welcome back to the Land Of Song for a VERY special episode of Cwm Dancing! 

Destination Love Trails Festival; a unique and beautiful gathering where wellness plays a lead role and leg shaking comes in a variety of flavours… Running, raving and many wholesome pursuits in between. PLUS loads of sick Welsh music! 

A different setting and style to our previous shows but still the same passion for homegrown music, expect the usual wide-armed eclectic selection and interviews with inspiring characters operating in the Welsh music landscape, it's Cwm Dancing ... This time Jimmy Watkins from the game-changing Running Punks collective. 

Complete with a whole stack of exclusive, unreleased music we guarantee you've never heard, and a 40 minute mix of strictly Welsh drum & bass, this was a beautiful experience and one we'd love to repeat in the future. 

We had no idea that within eight months of launching this podcast we'd be invited to host it live on the main stage of a festival! How cool is that? 


DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime (Hybrid Remix) (Jive)
Mr Phormula – Tir (Mr Phormula Records)
Joe Blow – Sunshine (Bandcamp)
clU – My Love (Incurzion Audio)
Stagga & Magugu – Gugu Gang (Fat Fridge)
Hannibal Rex – Don’t Matter Don’t Mind (Unreleased)
Huw Marc Bennett – Red Valley (Albert’s Favourites)
Pionearworm - Raise (Unreleased)
Ifan Dafydd – Celwydd (Feat Alys Williams) (Recordiau Lliwgar)
Brighty – Fun For Me (Brighty)
Joyce – Bamboo (Unreleased)

**Interview with Jimmy Running Punks**

**Welsh D&B mix**
Pennygiles – Out Of Hours (Unreleased)
No Patterns – Agean (Incurzion Audio)
Dynamix – Hypnosis (Heft)
Don Piper – Live Long, Die Rich (Subwork)
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Bou Remix) (Highly Contrasting)
Lung – Starving Artiste (Med School)
NonRev – Black Lodge (Unreleased)
Quartz – 89 Columns (Dispatch)
cLU – Gangton (Incurzion Audio)
BSEARL – Waiting (SMG Remix) (PullUp Recordings)
HDilla – Reverb (Heft)
Teezy – Melodious (PullUp Recordings)
Llwybr Llaethog – Caru Ti (Rouhgion Remix) (Afanc)

Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 – She’s In LA (Feat Young Gun Silver Fox) (Bandcamp)
Tom Jones & The Art Of Noise – Kiss (M.B Remix) (Soundcloud)
Jean Jacques Smoothie – Night Jet (Slightly Transformed)
Mr BC – The Huckster (The Long Champs Remix) (Logical Records)
Unity – Running Feat Stabitha & DJ Veto (Bard Picasso)