Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 6 (May 2023)

May 15, 2023 Dave Columbo Jenkins Season 1 Episode 6
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 6 (May 2023)
Show Notes

More exciting explorations of the Welsh alternative musical terrain...

From hip-hop to house, dub to drum & bass and all Celtic things between, it's a brand new episode of Cwm Dancing!

Celebrating six months of this project, host and curator Dave Columbo Jenkins is extra fizzy this month as he returns from this year's FOCUS WALES event with a recorder full of interviews, a bag full of exclusives and a head frothing with inspiration.

Celebrating Welsh sonic produce in a unique and high enthusiastic way, this month's show features a guest mix from DJ Butch Queen, interviews with Minas, 4DEE, DJ Blondy, Dave Acton and Alex from Porters Presents and music right across the spectrum including many exclusives you will not hear anywhere else.

It's by far the most intense and jam-packed two hour session so far. Please check the tracklist below and follow/support all the artists!

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Minas - Pay Day (Libertino Records)
Lemfreck - Lo & Behold (Noctown Inc)
4DEE - Broken Britan (Veteran Records) 
Unity Feat Saint Bernadette - Man Like You (Bard Picasso)
Heavy Cream & Selum - Chat About (Midi Cartel)
Local & Fabian Dubz - Who’s Up At This Time Of Morning (Bandcamp)
Mercy Rose - DBL Up  (Misery Guts Music)
Pennygiles - Stay The Same (Unreleased)
Nonrev & TRC2 - Light Through The Veil (Unreleased)
Mykal Max - Space & Time (Unreleased)
4DEE - Lost In Music (Veteran Records) 

DJ Butch Queen guest mix

Jaheed - Initiation (Parked Up Safe Records)
R.Seiliog - Cloddio Unterdach (Turnstile Music)
Hel Clecs -  Sounds of the Titans (feat. Aye Wun & Spit Gemz) (Bard Picasso)
Valley Boy Zero - Valley Mentality (1603655 Records)
Eadyth, Mali Haf & Unity - Eiliadau (High Grade Grooves)
Dead Method - Faith In Judas (Future Femme Records)
Konessi - Union (FKOF) 
Bawler - Escape (Bawlsack Records)
Bennie - Flexing (Born On Road)
Subverse - Bounce (Raw UK)
High Contrast & Calibre - Mr Majestic (Signature)
Coco Dubz - Merkaba (2ceye)
Jessie - Trials & Tribulations (Midi Cartel)
Cauzer - Focal Point (Overview)
Ffrancon - Work Hard Do The Right Thing End Up With Nothing (Bandcamp)
Stereo Minus One - Bad Karma (Machine Records)
Rona Mac - W.O.M.A.N (Bandcamp)
Minas - I’ve Covered My Hands In This (Libertino Records)