Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 5 (April 2023)

April 10, 2023 Dave Columbo Jenkins Season 1 Episode 5
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 5 (April 2023)
Show Notes

More alternative dispatches from the land of song! 

Cwm Dancing is back in your ear holes this April with another sublime two hour showcase of incredible Welsh music. 

Mining deep from the nation’s rich underground and leftfield worlds of electronic music, hip-hop and all the exciting experimental pastures in between, Dave Columbo Jenkins joins disparate dancefloor dots as he shines the light on just how much unique, innovative and authentic music is coming out of Wales right now. 

Weaving between cult Celt classics and upfront unreleased exclusives, this show includes a crucial guestmix from Martyn Kinnear and two interview features about unique Welsh events happening this summer: Focus Wales and Love Trails. 

All this and so much more… Buckle up and get ready for another breath-taking Welsh road trip as we navigate the nation’s dramatic musical landscape once again.  

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Don Piper - Unlimited Love (dub) 
Elkka - Hands (!K7)
Earl Jeffers - Return To Forever (Melange)
K-Tel - The Art Of Paranoisia (Bodywork) 
Flapsandwich - Imagination (Tantrum Records) 
Mace The Great & Manga St Hilaire - Reason To (Splottworld) 
Junior Disprol - My Pigeon Weighs A Tonne (Plague) 
Mr Substance & Joe Blow Feat DJ Jaffa - Full Metal Jacket (Bard Picasso) 
Phormula & Guilty Simpson - Safe Bet (Mr Phormula Records) 
Afro Cluster - Beast Of One Nation (Afro Cluster) 

Bracco - Dromonia (Born Bad Records) 
Gallops - At Data Point (Memory Place) 
Neue Grafik Ensemble - Queen Assa (Neue Grafik Ensemble)
Invisible Architecture - Pulse (Invisible Architecture) 

John Barnes - Mithraics (Machine Records) 
5th Spear - Crash Me Into (5th Spear) 
LSN - Heavy Mingling (LSN)
Jean Jacques Smoothie - Two People (Bodyspasm Remix) (Soundcloud)
Stagga - King Of My Jungle (Fat Fridge) 
Bennie - Silence (Beats Bass Life)
Bwgan - Run Away (Skull Attack Records) 


Minas - All My Love Has Failed Me (Libertino Record) 
Procrastinatrix - Insurrection (Soundcloud) 
FnX - How Many Times (Bandcamp)


The Running Man - Infinity +1 (WEPN)
A Town Called Hell - Running From The Knife (Bandcamp)
The Running Man - Make It Happen (Alternative Facts)
Unity - Running (Bandcamp) 
Ez Rah - The Long Run (Differentkettle)
Quartz - Moving With Time (Metalheadz)