Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 4 (March 2023)

March 07, 2023 Dave Columbo Jenkins Season 1 Episode 4
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 4 (March 2023)
Show Notes

More cultural curios and audio oddities from the Land Of Song!

A unique electronic experience that celebrates the many underground sounds of Cymru, Cwm Dancing returns with another powerful attack to your ears, your souls, your minds and your dancing feet. House, disco, hip-hop, drum & bass, dubstep, long forgotten remixes of yore, brand new unreleased exclusives and every Celtic flavour in between. 

Curated and hosted by terminally hyper music appreciator, author and journalist Dave Columbo Jenkins from his shed in Blaengarw, the rules of Cwm Dancing are simple... If the art is made by a Welsh artist, made by an artist based in Wales or released on a Welsh label and it's (vaguely) DJ-able then it's likely to get played.

This month is another exciting trip around the country and the dancefloor's ever-sprawling genre menu...

✅ DJ MÖTAS guestmix
✅ The Long Champs interview
✅ Lubi J & Electra interview

And soooooo much beautiful Welsh music!

Cwm Dancing is brought to you by 1 More Thing. Please check the full tracklist, seek and support all artists involved in this episode! 

Dub War - Prisoner (Nico Remix) (Earache)

TRC2 - A Departure From The Standard (Bandcamp)

Quartz - Alchemy Burn (System Music)

Ifan Dafydd - Llonydd (Recordiau Lliwgar)

Magugu x Le Motel - Blend (Moloca)  

Juice Menace - Pink Notes (Bandcamp)

Niques - Grime (Bandcamp)

Beauty Parlour - PENTENZIAGITE (Bandcamp)

Unity - Red & Blue Feat Wolfgang von Vanderghast (Bandcamp)

PO Griff - Sosban Fach Feat Bisk (Winger Records)

Matt Eaton & The Chrysler Holsapple Trio - Frantisch (Bandcamp)

BRRDS - We Are What We Eat (Bandcamp)

Pionearworm - Ten Miles Wide (Bandcamp / 1 More Thing) 

Wixel Plays Sonic Youth - Express Way To Yr Skull (The Long Champs remix) (Bandcamp)


The Long Champs - Men Of Letters (Tici Taci)

Duncan Gray - Boatface (The Long Champs remix)

Harry Griffiths - Llyn (Hâws) 


Koreless - Frozen (Young)

Bawler - 3-33am (out March 17)

Bodhi - Etch (Bandcamp)

Tribal Dubs - Dub Warrior (Skull Attack Records)

Razkid - Workers Hands (Gutterbreed) 

3PeaceSweetz - Spend The Night (My Pet Flamingo)

The Running Man - You Are A Drum (NonRev Remix) (Alternative Facts)


John Barnes - Euroene (Machine Records) 

Sunbane - Afterglow (Bandcamp)