Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 3 (February 2023)

February 04, 2023 Dave Columbo Jenkins Season 1 Episode 3
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 3 (February 2023)
Show Notes

Curious and contemporary dispatches from the Land Of Song.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cwm Dancing; a unique music podcast that unearths and celebrates the many underground, leftfield, DIY, experimental, alternative and beat-based sounds of Wales.

Hip-hop to house music via drum & bass, trance, alt-pop and plenty, plenty more, the rule is simple - if it's made in Wales, made by a Welsh artist or released on a Welsh label then it's getting played.

Bangers from Bangor. Newness from Newport. Records from Raglan. Dubplates from Denbigh. The works.

Episode three is the most extensive and comprehensive show so far. This time we celebrate Dydd Miwsig Cymru (Feb 10) with an extensive interview with Mr Phormula and a feature with Afanc Records boss Gwion Roughion. We also speak at length with Dead Method about his new album and his experiences as an LGBTQ+ artist in Wales and wrap up the show with a crucial mini mix from rising Welsh jungle crafstman NonRev!

All this and so much more.... Cult classics, unreleased exclusives, dual language music, all delivered with great passion and detailed information by renowned music journalist and 1 More Thing founder Dave Columbo Jenkins.


Roughion - Welsh Wave (unreleased)
Long champs - apples are not the answer (Tici Taci)
Ffrancon - Maengwyn Hardtrax (Ankst Musik)
Bodhi - Motherland (Ritual Collective)
Procrastinatrix - Hypnogogia (Soundcloud) 
PO Griff Feat Noah Bouchard - Dali (Winger Records)
Wolfgang von vanderghast - sour patch kids (bard picasso) 
Melo & DJ Alkemy - Boom Ting (Feat e Why Easy) (Mean Business Records) 
The running man - onward upward forward (Alternative Facts) 
Hannibal Rex - Something Time (Unreleased)
SZWÉ - The UK Isn’t Racist (SZWÉ)
Acid Casuals - Long Time No See (Strangetown Records) 
Jina - Torri Addewid (Awy Music)
Huw Jones - Dŵr (Sain) 
Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 - Y Ferch Ar Y Cei (with Nina Miranda) (BBC Radio Cymru) 
Dead Method - Femme (Future Femme Records)
Dead Method - Sex, Drugs & Violence (Future Femme Records)
Dead Method - Iconique (Future Femme Records)
Dead Method - Sex, Drugs & Violence (Future Femme Records)
Dead Method - Iconique (ZLUTZ remix) (Future Femme Records)
Dead Method - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Future Femme Records)
Dead Method - Marwoleath  (Future Femme Records)
Natty Lou & Dolly Rae - All For You (DeVIce) 
Mr Phormula - Normal Newydd (feat. Lleuwen) (Mr Phormula) 
Pep Le Pew - Un Tro Yn Y Gorllewin (Slacyr) 
Mr Phormula ft Eädyth Crawford - Rhyddid (Mr Phormula)
#Hiphopishiphop - Hip Hop For The World (Brand New Music)
Hel Clecs - No Holding Us Back (Mr Phormula) 
Tystion - Diwrnod Brâf (Ffarout) 
Super Furry Animals - Y Gwyneb Iau (Das Koolies)
Mr Phormula - Byd-Eang Gyda (Featuring Strike The Head & Sadman) (Mr Phormula)
Chase & Status - Eastern Jam (Martyn Kinnear bootleg) (Dub)
TORS - Axe (Geomagnetic)
Pope Jean Paul Van Dame - Say No To Yes (Lost Riot)
Synkro & LSN - Emerald (Synkro music)
Octoshed - Silence Of Human (Soundcloud)
J Lower - Good Friday (Bandcamp) 
NonRev Guestmix