Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 2 (January 2023)

January 07, 2023 Dave Columbo Jenkins Season 1 Episode 2
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 2 (January 2023)
Show Notes

Meanwhile deep in the valleys…

1 More Thing continues its celebration of Welsh underground music with a fresh new episode of Cwm Dancing for 2023.

Two hours of back-to-back realness ranging from hip-hop to house and all flavours in between.

Featuring an interview with one of the country’s most consistent, skilled and dedicated decksmiths DJ Jaffa, a UKG guestmix from Afanc Records’ rising talent Daniel Suge and an array of unreleased gold from all corners of the country, this is an essential Celtic connection for anyone on a voyage of musical discovery and everyone with fine-tuned new talent radars.

Miles from the mainstream, all made from a place of pure love and passion for the craft: Some of the realest bars, the most interesting beats and the most forward-thinking grooves are being brewed up in Wales right now and have been for many years. Cwm Dancing is a monthly showcase of this.

Cwm Dancing is hosted by 1 More Thing founder Dave Columbo Jenkins. Get in touch:


Black Space Quartet - Count On Me
Deyah - Native Ego
Bardd - Process
Dead Residents - Boogaloo
Dave Dark & The Sharks - I’ve Resigned
The Guilty Spark - Furusato
Sorry Stacy - My Bathroom Stays Haunted
Martin Kinnear - Rusty Wotsit
Amalgamate - Save U
The Running Man - You Are A Drum
Stereoripe - All Good
Tacktile - Scatterbrain
Lemfreck - Kings (Ft INFAMOUSIZAK)
Pope John Paul Van Damme - everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
Rev Phil Dread - Soul’s Eye
Trippin Hazard - Tuesday Night
Hannibal Rex - Dune Trippin
DJ Jaffa Interview
4Dee - Tribal Shenanigans
Kiddas - Feelings
Fig. - Hold
Blue City CDF & Risk 1 - Dreaming In Oldschool
Black Sonix, Eric Martin, Shaun Escofery Featuring Paul Lyons - Believe (Paul Lyons remix)
TRC2 - Catalyst
Dead Method - Iconique (Zlutz Remix)
Joe Blow - Can’t Help It
MC Fizzy, MC Kei, Fabian Dubz - Represent
Daniel Suge - Starling
Daniel Suge Guestmix
Dead Method - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)