Cwm Dancing

Cwm Dancing - Episode 1 (December 2022)

December 02, 2022 Dave Columbo Jenkins Season 1 Episode 1
Cwm Dancing
Cwm Dancing - Episode 1 (December 2022)
Show Notes

1 More Thing presents Cwm Dancing - a show that celebrates and champions all forms of Welsh electronic/beat-based music.  

Hosted by Dave Columbo Jenkins, episode 1 of Cwm Dancing features.... 

✔️ 5 Minutes with Niques 
✔️ Heritage Tunes with LSN
✔️ Selector's Selection with Lubi J
✔️ Guest mix from Llew 

⭐ Full Tracklist ⭐ 

A Town Called Hell - My Place (Bandcamp)
Minas - Fight One (Libertino Records)
Stagga - Wizdom Outski (Fat Friday) 
DJ Guy - Don’t Hold Back ‘95 (Hypercolour)
Dave Dark & The Sharks - Entanglemer (WEPN) 
Sand Candle - Siop Olwen (R-Bennig) 
Juice Menace - Void (Juice Menace) 
Coco Dubz - Ocarina (2ceye) 
L E M F R E C K - Late (Noctown)
Don Leisure - Chase Theme (First Word Records) 
Sachasom - Waweeweewoo (Afanc) 
Overmono - Walk Thru Water (XL) 
Nanobyte - Dirt Smuggler (FKOF) 
Niques - Live In The Flesh (Oh So Grimey)
Niques - When I Retire (Unreleased)
Niques - What We Do (Unreleased)
KS24 - Destined (Silk Crayon)
Acid Klaus - Bethlehem Of Bust (Feat Cat Rin) (Bandcamp)
Dead Method - Violent Men (Roughion Remix) (Afanc)
Daniel Suge - Ventifact (Afanc)
Kelly Lee Owens - One (Smalltown Supersound)
Rachel K Collier - Monday Meditation (Bandcamp)
4Dee - Hands Up (Veteran Records)
Mr Phormula - No Wonder (DD Hip-Hop)
LSN & Kujo - Sanctuary (Sentry Records) 
High Contrast - Music Is My Life (Hospital Records)
Ifan Dafydd - Treehouse (Push & Run) 
Owain K - Teifi (Innate Recordings)
Steevio - Swerve (Deep Mix) (Mindtours) 
R.Seiliog - Earth (Ankst)
Magugu & Stagga - Bullets In Da Pen (Fat Friday)
Boston - Life Is (Feat Undersound & Vanity Jay) (Symmetry)
No Patterns - Complicated (Clu remix) (Incurzion) 
Rafiki Dubs - King Dizz (Nuusic) 
Bennie - Flexin (Born On Road)
Llew guestmix
Duckett - Who Am I (Berceuse Heroique)
Carwen Ellis - Botofogo Blue (BBC Radio Cymru)